Contract (1)

No! It would be sad to see you leave us, but there is no minimum amount of time you must stay with us. However, all of our monthly plans spread the cost of your website(s) over one year. If you do decide to leave us and look elsewhere (which would be sad), then you would need to pay the remainder of your contract by your next invoice.

Refunds (1)

We offer refunds within the first 14 days of the first payment as stated in our terms and conditions. Other than this time period, we will only ever offer refunds, if we have made mistakes that have effected your website drastically. If you would like to learn more about our terms and conditions then please click here.

Time To Complete (1)

The time to create a website varies depending on the website. Some websites can be completed within a couple of days, whereas others may take weeks to fully complete. The usual time to create a website for us is 3-4 weeks.

Website Updates (1)

We do offer website updates, WordPress updates are done automatically as well as plugin updates through all of our plans. most website updates related to the design of your website are included in your plan, however, if you need your website redesigning then we will charge a small hourly fee.

Please note: We will contact you regarding the best time to do these updates, which works for both of us. If you need something doing straight away, then there is a chance that we may be unable to fit it into our schedule. However, we will work our hardest to make sure that your website is updated how and when you want it.

Why us (1)

There are many competitors out there for web design, we are proud of our friendly approachable attitude, we hope that our customers also feel the same way. We pride ourselves in our response times, attention to detail and pricing. If you have any queries before you order (which we prefer), then we will be glad to answer any questions truthfully – just go to our contact us page by clicking here.

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